Over the course of one month, I have traveled to seven different Ultas with in two different states. The reason for my multiple adventures was to pick up the Ulta contour kit! While hunting for this one product, I picked up a few other goodies. Lately, I have been collecting makeup to build my collection because I want to be able to master the skill.

courtesy: Ulta.com
This product is the reason I travelled the GW Bridge multiple times. I am so happy that I am getting my moneys worth out of this palette.

courtesy: makeupalley.com
The next product I purchased is the NYX Wonder Stick. This product is good but it does not do miracles. I find that the product is a little bit too close to my skin color. Although this is not my favorite, I would buy it again.

courtesy: Sephora.com

This product happens to be one of my favorite concealers. I love the coverage that this product gives.

The last item on my list is the NYX Avant Pop Nouveau Chic palette. I have yet to play with this product, but I love all of these colors.