This last Saturday has to be one of my all time favorite days of 2015. My clock went off at 6 am ,so I could get ready for BeautyCon. I had been counting down the days and when the day finally came, I was not disappointed. After spending about 2 hours perfecting my look for the day I was ready to embrace my day full of makeup.

Unfortunately, I missed the Meet and Greet with one of my favorite beauty gurus, Missy Lynn, because of a long line to get into the venue. While online, I was able to meet girls who traveled for this beauty event. I purchased a pro pass, so I was able to go to two meet and greets and an amazing swag bag (I will be posting a haul of all of my goodies soon). At the time that I walked through security, I was able to use my first meet and greet on Nathalie Paris. Just like in her videos, she is super sweet.

BeautyCon was jam packed with vendors and beautiful people. As soon as I walked in, I knew I made it to heaven. I was able to receive free perfume samples, Maybelline products, and so much more. I also purchased goodies. Most vendors had special discounts just for us BeautyCon goers. I was able to get some amazing products from Ricky's NYC and Tarte.

My fangirl moments were at a peak during this event. I was able to meet so many beauty influencers. Along with Nathalie Paris, I met Angel Marino (@mac_daddyy on instagram, Casey Holmes, Emani (dollfacebeautyx on youtube), and Missy Lynn. I was so proud of myself for being able to find Missy Lynn and that I was sporting the highlighter from her BH Cosmetics palette. I used my second meet and greet on none other than Mr. Jay Manuel. The coolest thing is that he even called my look "classic". I promise you, I wanted to scream!

I am so excited to attend BeautyCon 2016!