Lately, people have asked me “what’s next” pretty often when it comes to pageants. Some questions include: if I am going back to Miss New York Teen USA, competing in a different system, or even retiring. And now, I finally have my answer. I do not take competing in any system lightly as I like to really invest my everything into a system. Through long thoughts and consideration, I now know what is next.

You all should know by now that the last two years I have been completely immersed in the Miss Teen USA organization. I love the message Miss Teen USA sends for being confidently beautiful. Also, the level of production at the state and national level is unbelievable. At Miss New York Teen USA, I competed in interview, evening gown, and swimsuit. All of these competitions have made me feel empowered in more ways than one. Most importantly, I have gained friendships from both weekends that I wouldn’t have without the sisterhood that the organization encourages. Although I have dedicated the last two years to completing in exclusively the Miss Teen USA organization, I have decided to branch out and compete in another system.

While searching for an organization, I wanted my experience to be similar to the ones of Miss Teen USA. This means that I want to compete in a system that included the same if not similar areas of competition. While trying to find a system that I want to take part in that, three systems really caught my eye.

Miss Teen Earth United States caught my attention. Miss Teen Earth United States loves a beauty with a cause. Being that I have my own nonprofit organization, It’s a Small World, I love the emphasis the organization puts on having titleholders that want to get their message across. This pageant picks its titleholders based on interview, swimsuit, evening gown, runway, and photogenic. Miss Teen United States even gets to compete internationally in South America!

Next on my list is Miss Teen Galaxy. Miss Teen Galaxy emphasizes on beauty, style, and cultural appreciation which are all facets of my daily life. Being that I have traveled many times, I appreciate all cultures. Miss Teen Galaxy helps women from all over the world gain confidence and poise to thrive in the world. The areas of competition are swimwear, interview, photogenic, gown, and fun fashion, Galaxy internationals takes place this summer in Florida,

Lastly, Miss Teen International is on my list! Miss Teen International puts an emphasis having their title holders be positive role models in their communities. Also, title holders are encouraged to learn about family life and customs globally. Last year, I spent part of my summer in Japan living with a host family. During that time, I was able to assimilate into Japanese culture. The areas of competition are interview, fun fashion, fitness, and evening gown.

Now that I've told you my some of my prospects, it's time to reveal which pageant I will be competing in… *drumroll please*

You will have to wait for my next blog post which will be published in the coming days to find that out!! If you want to be one of the first to know, subscribe to my blog for spam-free notifications of my upcoming post!! Feel free to guess which one of these prestigious pageants in the comments and using #ambersnextadventure