Photo credits: Eric Cirestudios

This weekend was full of pageantry and enhancing my relationship with my sister queens. My weekend was nonstop from Friday evening to Sunday night.

On Friday, my sister queens and I had a nationals preparation meeting head by our wonderful director, Laura. We discussed everything from interview to wardrobe. It was intriguing and informative. Miss Graziella came and gave us amazing tips for nationals as well. I was beyond excited to wear my personalized March Defang converse sneakers that arrived right before I left for the meeting in Brooklyn.

My Saturday started bright and early for me. My alarm clock went off at four in the morning to be exact. We had our official Miss New York United States photoshoot that day. We had the New York skyline for our background ,and we were very lucky that the weather was beautiful that day.

Photo credit:Eric Cirestudios
My sister queens and I had the opportunity to take pictures on a retired Navy vessel called the Baylander. While on this ship, we were given the chance to be interviewed for News 12 Brooklyn. It was amazing to not only have the time of my life at a photoshoot with my sister queens but to be interviewed with them by my side was the icing on the cake. We were able to talk about why we were on the ship and what we had learned about the ship. I have a great relationship with all of my sister queens and I can't wait for nationals so we can make our bond stronger.

Watch my sister queens and I on News 12 Brooklyn here