On Wednesday, I went to the Queens Town Meeting. While there, I was able to talk about my platform "It's a Small World" to a group of people that are so empowered that they could really share the word about my organization. Katie, Alyssa, and I got invited to this meeting while we were at the Memorial Day parade by a New York Councilman, Paul Vallone.

I had to leave immediately after my Jazz dance class on Wednesday in order to make it there on time. I changed and did my makeup in the car! In order to look prepared for the meeting, I wore a bubblegum pink Juicy Couture dress.

Once we got there, Katie and Alyssa were waiting for me and my mom. They also got to speak about their platforms. The crowd was very receptive of all of us when we started talking. I was so excited to talk about "It's a Small World" and all of the plans that I have for it in the future. After the meeting was over, I had the opportunity to network with the amazing group of people.