On Friday evening, I got the email I had been praying for. I was accepted into the Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador program. Everyday for the past month, I have been searching my mail box for my acceptance letter and after checking in again the manager at Nordstrom sent me the letter via email.

The Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador program is for high school students. The program gives you a behind the scenes view of the fashion industry! Also, those who are in the program get to influence the buyers in the store. The program also gives the necessary tools to help the ambassadors jump start their careers in fashion.

I interviewed at the Nordstrom B.P. in my area in May. The process was super easy! All I need to bring to the interview was my fashion project, killer interview skills, and paperwork like my transcript and letters of recommendation. While we all waited for our private interviews, the girls spoke for a while in the department. It was a great way to meet the girls and talk about the one thing we all love which is fashion!

For my project, I made an inspiration board called, "In my closet". The board shared my personal style for not only my everyday wear but also pageantry. Another reason why I named it "In my closet" was because I actually have some of the pieces like the yellow Jovani gown that I wore to Miss New York United States and the Ted Baker romper.

This interview made me really appreciate my experience in pageants. I was able to go into the interview confidently and not nervous about what was going to happen because I experience it whenever I compete. My comfortable and confident attitude made is easier to show my true personality in the interview. I am so grateful that the Miss United States Organization has an interview competition because it prepared me for this interview and I know that I will be prepared for future interviews.