Last Saturday, Beyonce released her visual album "Lemonade" on HBO. Not only did I love the music, but her looks were to die for. From Beyonce's gorgeous yellow Roberto Cavalli dress to her Rosie Assoulin peach top, I fell in love. Her looks were AMAZING. The look that caught my attention the most was her outfit in "Don't Hurt Yourself" or Anger. Beyonce wears a Hood by Air Fur Coat and a Yeezy top. Here is a similar look to get the Beyonce vibe in your life:

1. Get a fur coat to throw over your shoulders. Get the one I found from Asos for $78

2. Find matching grey set. I found this cute top and pant set from Fashion Nova for $35.

3. Get some grey booties! I love the Public Desire booties I found on Asos for $65

4. Add a lovely necklace. This cute Ankh necklace from Overstock for $25

There you have it!