I'm backkkkk! Well, I haven't missed a blog post, but I am back in the USA. From June 23rd to July 3rd, I was abroad in Japan. Traveling to Japan has always been a dream of mine and thanks to my school, I was able to live it. I was in the Hiroshima prefecture, staying in Mihara with a host family. My family consisted of a mom, dad, grandmother, two daughters, and a son. I was the oldest out of the children. I am so grateful for this experience and the family letting me stay in their home. Thank you Mama for letting me go. I appreciate you greatly. 

We had a QUICK layover at Narita airport where soon after customs, Katie and I had to take a photo by this wall.

My host family has a Buddhist temple connected to their house which I find to be extremely beautiful. 

That's Kiyo! My host sister who is like family now.

While at the mall, we stopped in an arcade where we tried out these super cool photo booths that not only let you decorate them but did your makeup. This was perfect especially since this was day two of me forgetting to put on mascara. SMH lol. 

I will have details from this outfit below! 

My younger host brother and sister! They were the cutest ever!

We used the Japanese version of snapchat which had these cute flower crowns.

Kiyo and I got matching bracelets to commenorate our time together.

I had a life changing experience in Japan and I am super excited to share the rest of the photos with you all next week! Stay tuned!

Outfit from above

Hat: Dalix
Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters
Similar Jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: Fashion Nova
Shoes: Nike