Okay y'all, the wait is officially over! Although every system I mentioned in my last post is the bomb.com, I picked this system in particular because it is what I feel in my heart-of-hearts is where God wants me to go next on my journey!!! 


I'm so happy to be sharing this! A large reason in why I decided to join the Galaxy family is the organization's focus on beauty, style, and cultural appreciation. Being that fashion is my passion (excuse my cliche), the focus on style makes me feel like I can really show off who I am through my wardrobe. One of my favorite quotes is, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" by Rachel Zoe. This is how I go about my daily life and I do the same when competing. 

The system's focus on cultural appreciation was also a large focus on my choice. Not only am I a frequent traveler, but my platform "It's a Small World" is based on making our society, especially millennials, appreciative and aware of other cultures. My goal is to be able to fund a trip for an underprivileged teen and guardian to go on an international trip so they can be able to share a similar experience to the ones that I have had abroad. Traveling makes one not only a well-rounded individual but open-minded as well. Being Miss Teen New York Galaxy will help me spread this message. 

I am so excited to be starting this new journey with all of you! Stay tuned for special BTS from my first official photo shoot coming soon! Subscribe to my blog to follow me on my journey to the Galaxy pageant in July in Orlando, Florida. 

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