School is finally back in session and it feels like a blessing and a curse! I have always loved school but college hits your schedule different! You have to actually manage yourself like an adult which is nerve-wracking. Sometimes, you can forget to do important stuff like take care of yourself. And honestly, being on a college budget does not help either (I’ve spent most of my money getting textbooks sadly). That was all until Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their sensitive teeth whitening system, and let me tell you, not only can it fit into your college kid’s budget, but you can make it fit in your hot girl semester!

I thought that I would never learn how to whiten my teeth with a permanent retainer, let alone whiten the parts that are covered. Since Smile Brilliant uses a Tray System, I was able to do that and making the impressions was honestly really fun! They give you a white and blue clay and once you mix them all together, you have to quickly press down on the trays and put it in your mouth. Then once it has sent, you just do it all over again and boom! You have your impressions. Then, you just let them dry overnight, rinse them, and send them out to have the trays made. 
Teeth whitening can be super scary when thinking about getting it done at the dentist. It can also be annoying with the strips, but the truth is, with Smile Brilliant’s trays it is easy and convenient. My teeth are very sensitive so most teeth whitening programs scare me but after finding the right scheduling for my whitening, my teeth have never been whiter.

Once my trays came in, it was time to start whitening! Well, more so, desensitizing! PRO TIP: Desensitize your teeth for 3 nights before you start whitening! I did that and I am so happy I did. My teeth are very sensitive, so even though I just wanted to start whitening, I did this step which I’m happy about! I did the program every day straight for a few days but then got really bad pain so I had to stop for a bit and get back started but who said I was racing to get my teeth extremely white? Not I! The break I took allowed me to really relish in the brightness that my teeth now are! I saw a major difference after my first 45-minute session and it just kept getting better!

Finding a way how to have white teeth and be a coffee drinker is so hard, especially when you're on a whitening program and do not want to mess up your results! In my case, it would not even touch a cup of coffee for a day after my session but on the next day, I would drink my cup from my reusable straw because are you even a college student if you’re not caffeinated? Coffee stains aren’t a problem with Smile Brilliant!

This product is for sure going to remain in my routine, especially for when I have an event coming up! Hands down, Smile Brilliant is a great teeth whitening options for college students. And don’t worry if you have sensitive teeth, just make sure to desensitize your teeth before your sessions and also immediately after!

Want your own whitening set? I think you definitely should want one because Smile Brilliant will have your teeth looking pearly white! To enter all you have to do is follow my on Instagram (@ambersummerxo), tag 2 friends in the comments of my latest post, and enter your email at this link! And if you don't win, don't worry, you can still get a discount on your kit by using my discount code: Ambersummerxo15

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